StrikeForce er en UnrealTournament MOD som giver et mere realistisk gameplay.

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Akimbo DE avi - 646kb
The new Akimbo Desert Eagle

Shows the shooting animation, the reload animation and the inventory.

Grenade avi - 544kb
Grenade sound

New explosion sound

HandleGrenade avi - 414kb
Grenade handeling

A new mode for the grenade called "pull pin and handle" lets you pull the pin out of the grenade as you prepare to throw and gives you the ability to time the explosion.

Claymore avi - 701kb
Claymore sound

New explosion sound

Jump delay avi - 147kb
Jump delay

This clip shows the new jump delay

Jumping while aimed avi - 605kb
Jumping in aimed mode

This clip shows an aimed M4 being fired then the player jumps and automaticly goes to unaimed mode then the player brings up the gun again to aimed mode.
The fire button was pressed down thrue the entire sequence.