Strike Force is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament that will bring the game to a realistic environment,
introducing real weapons, damage and maps as well as a new gaming experience.


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October 28th 2002 - StrikeForce design contest

Its time to vote for which designs you want to be used at and in v1.80.
Be objective and vote for the one you like the best.

Contest - Banner Logo - Vote Here

Contest - Entry Logo - Vote Here


October 25th 2002 - StrikeForceCenter is moving
SFC is moving from their current host MGON to the english gaming cummunity jolt the forum have already been opened and soon the main site will follow.

So from now on you need to go to
to access the StrikeForce forums. will become the new home of the main site.


October 16th 2002 - 180 beta

SF 1.80
Photon Man just finished the first 1.80 beta and Opti will release it to the beta team ASAP.

Read more about the changes at the SFC forum


October 9th 2002 - 180 update

SF 1.80
Optimizer just posted a little update in the SFC forum with information about whats remains to be fixed before 180 can be released.

1: Fix flash grenades so the blinding effect lasts longer.
2: Finish fixing the code so head shots are taken out.
3: Finish fixing up about 20 maps.
4: All the 1st person muzzle flashes have to be changed out on each weapon.
5: Fixing the character descriptions on the character select menu.
6: Putting in the behindview look for your team mates.

Optimizers new character stats:

heavy weapons (Sniper rifles)
speed 237
health 110
accuracy 1.7
accuracy1 = 3.2

medium heavy weapons (AK, M4)
speed 239
health 100
accuracy 1.6
accuracy1 = 3.0

medium light weapons (Uzi, MP5)
speed 241
health 90
accuracy 1.5
accuracy1 = 2.9

light weapons (Pistols)
speed 243
health 80
accuracy 1.4
accuracy1 = 2.8

Read more about it at the SFC forum


October 8th 2002 - Betatesters

1.80 Beta
Opti is looking for 186 people to help him beta test the new 180 code, so head on over to the SFC forums and apply if your up for some betatesting.

Read the whole thread at the SFC forum


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