Strike Force is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament that will bring the game to a realistic environment,
introducing real weapons, damage and maps as well as a new gaming experience.


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May 30th 2002 - TBuildt SF2.0 maps

More screensshots have been posted by TBuildT whom are making the maps for SF 2.0

This time its:

Check out the screenshots at TBuildT or in our TBuildt gallery


May 22nd 2002 - SF UT2003

Some good news over at SFC "StrikeForce will be moving on to the UT2003 engine" this is the news everyone was hoping to see one day but had given up on since Optimizer said he would never work with an Epic engine again.



May 21th 2002 - Interview with Princess_Frosty

Read it here!


May 20th 2002 - SFPURE hacked

After the news last week that SFCSHP had been hacked and offered no protection against cheaters someone have now hacked SFPure.
We talked to "Princess Frosty" who claimed to have a working Bot for SFPure and proved it to us on a protected server.

The demo will show that the bot does have a working radar and aimbot but we also got this list of all the current features:

Auto aim on/off
Aim at head on/off
180 degree turning on/off
Aim prediction with a value

Radar 2 modes
Add target info to radar
Add weapon info to radar
Radar type (2 types) adds health and distance
Team show for radar

Other options:
No recoil
No blindess from flash bangs
Grenade tracker
3rd person view
No smoke grenade smoke

Download the demo here!
(Unpack the zip and copy Frosty.dem to your UT system folder then type "demoplay Frosty" in the console to play it)


May 14th 2002 - SF 1.80 Internal Release 2

1.80 IR2
The betatesters just recived SF180 IR2 this time all the weapons have been tweaked and ofcourse some bugs from IR1 has been fixed.

More info about IR2 at


May 10th 2002 - 1.80 IR1 media

1.80 IR1
Three more clips have been added showing of:
  The new delay when jumping.
  That when jumping you automaticly go from aimed to unaimed mode and that you dont need to release the fire button to go from unaimed to aimed mode.
  The new grenade mode called "pull pin and handle" which gives you about 3 sec to throw the grenade unless youre on a suicide mission.

Check them out here: SF1.80IR1 clip


May 8th 2002 - MOD of the Month

StrikeForce won the MOD of the Month award at

SF CSports Stats


May 8th 2002 - 1.80 IR1 media

1.80 IR1
If you want to see the new Akimbo DE in action we just made a lillte clip showing it off.
Theres also a clip with a grenade and one with the a claymore with their new sounds.

Check them out here: SF1.80IR1 clip


May 6th 2002 - Boomtown SFPure RC3

The Boomtown servers has been updated with SFPure RC3 and the new Independenza MapPack has also been installed.

Se screenshots og lidt info om de forskellige maps her!


May 6th 2002 - SF 1.80 Internal Release 1

1.80 IR1
SF180 IR1 has just been released to the team and edge (lead coder) has changed everything from the code packs to the ingame things like weapons, speed, Stamina and the weight system.

More info later...


May 6th 2002 - Independenza MapPack #1

The Independenza MapPack has been released and if everything goes as planned it will be installed on the Boomtown servers later today.

Independenza will be updated as more mirrors are available.

Screenshots and a little info about the MapPack


May 3rd 2002 - Independenza MapPack #1





The Independenza MapPack will be released this Monday and will consist of these maps:
SFTDM-AnotherDay -=APC=-DarkOne
SFTDM-BeautifulDay -=APC=-DarkOne
SFTDM-Evac DarkSniper
SFTDM-HolyLand_175 Malignus
SFTDM-Jericho Prisonner 9
SFTDM-MonkeysHouse BudMonkey
SFTDM-NuclearWaste Malignus
SFTDM-PidgiesTree Malignus
SFTDM-PuebloCanyon_175 Malignus
SFTDM-SmallFirm -=APC=-DarkOne
SFTDM-Swamprat DarkSniper/AngelHeart
SFTDM-Warground BudMonkey
SFDM-Cabin Malignus
SFES-BloodySunday -=APC=-DarkOne
SFES-Evac DarkSniper
SFES-NuclearWaste Malignus
SFES-PuebloCanyon_175 Malignus
SFHR-HolyLand_175 Malignus

Source: Independenza!


May 1st 2002 - StrikeForce 1.80

According to the news at SFC most of the bugs should have been fixed by now and the new gametypes is also comming along nicely, until now no IRs have been released but the new gametypes have been betatested.


May 1st 2002 - Strike Force: Hostile Assault

Vision Studios have assemble the team that will be working on the Tribes 2 MOD called StrikeForce: Hostile Assault,
the team will be announced later together with som screenshots of the new MOD.
The "design doc", which basicly outlines the game, is finished and the team is currently designing some of the real world objects for the new maps, the full production should begin this weekend.


May 1st 2002 - Radio yeah

][cester and ][ce-man is hosting a little net radio and you can listen in by clicking here or do the following:

Open WinAmp and
Press CTRL + L or
open the menu and choose Play > Location
Then type in the box

If you need some WinAmp Skins then click here!


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