Strike Force is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament that will bring the game to a realistic environment,
introducing real weapons, damage and maps as well as a new gaming experience.


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February 26th 2002 - SF2.0 model


Aga and Squirt finished the animations for one of the new 2.0 male terrorist models, they even put in a set of taunts, one of which is the popular Pelvic Thrust.

See the new male terrorist do the "Pelvic Thrust"
To watch the clip the latest release of the DivX codec is needed.


February 25th 2002 - SF2.0 model


Squirt the new animator on the StrikeForce team just made the new death animations for the female model.
The animations show different ways of the model dying.

Model takes a direct shot to the back of the head and dies. [] []
Model takes a final hit to the stomach and dies. [] []
Model takes a hit to the front of the head, stumbles and dies. [] []
Model takes a direct grenade blast from the side and dies. [] []

To watch the clips the latest release of the DivX codec is needed.


February 24th 2002 - Bridge ][

Bridge ][

Bridge ][ is the new map to be included with SF1.75 and if nothing is changed it will primarily be a sniper map.

See Bridge ][ screenshots here!


February 22nd 2002 - SF1.75IR6

SF1.75 IR6

IR6 has been released and by the look of the changes made in this release it cant be long until SF1.75 will be ready to release.

Strike Force 1.75 IR6 śndringer (engelsk):
DM- SleepyTown map updated - New sniper location, new lighting.
New TDM map - BridgeBattle.
All game types work in Simulation mode (single player).
AK's now hit the aim dot.
SMG's for terrorist tweaked to match the SF SMG's more.
Hit location and location damage tweaked.
Can no longer nade jump your team.
Shotguns tweaked a bit more.
Power on all weapons fixed.
Hostages in HR actually follow you correctly when you save them.
New ini and map vote works on all dedicated servers.
Can change game type in game or kick people using map vote.
Inventory screen fixed again.
Various sounds tweaked and changed.
Wall sparks and ricochet graphic changed.
Netcode enhanced for better pings and MP games.
New blood graphics included to get rid of blocky blood from UT.
Game speed, weight system, etc tweaked for better game performance.
And lots of other various tweaks...


February 21st 2002 - SF2.0 model


Opti over at just released some screenshots of the new female player model for the upcoming 2.0 released.
The 2.0 models are based on the skeletal animation system which not only gives high quality models but also makes it possible to use many variations for the different models.

Several more models has been completed but will not be shown at this time.

See the new model here!


February 13th 2002 - SF2.0 Maps


The maps for SF 2.0 will all be done be the well known mapper group TBuildT.
They are currently working on theese maps:
Library and a Cinema

Goto to see some early alpha shots of the map Sphinx by Fist mlrs.


February 12th 2002 - C&C Renegade


Brad and Optimizer are going to attend the new "mod college" hosted by Westwood Studios to see if their new C&C Renegade engine has anything to offer StrikeForce.
If the SF team decides to use the new C&C engine it wil not affect the work on the still unknown StrikeForce 2.0 engine.

Other MODs attending are: Defence Alliance (Unreal) Global Warfare (Half-Life) Godz (Unreal) Infiltration (Unreal) Jailbreak (Unreal) Natural Selection (Half-Life) Neo Cairo (Unreal) The Opera (Half-Life) Reaction Quake 3 (Quake) Unreal Fortress (Unreal)

More info on the C&C Renegade can be found here!


February 11th 2002 - SF1.75 IR4 screenshots

The IR4 screenshots of the four new weapons and the new claymore are up, enjoy.

See them here!


February 10th 2002 - SF1.75 IR4

SF1.75 IR4

Brad finished 1.75IR4 today and it has been released to the BetaTeam for testing

SF IR4 changes:
-Aimtime on Remington, Barret, and PSG1 is faster (still slow, but faster than 1.7).
-Shotguns reload faster. They also have a slightly shorter delay between firing than 1.7.
-Ak47's have a new inventory picture. The non-silenced version has a new position.
-Pistol "long arm" effect fixed.
-Many weapons have new positions and muzzle flash offsets.
-Claymore is green!
-Many weapons have new firing sounds.
-New inventory screen.
-Gameplay slightly faster than 1.7 but slower than IR3.
-Weapon muzzleflash graphics changed.
-Blood effects modified.
-Head shot zones are much smaller now.
-Sniper rifle damage increased.
-Handgun damage increased.
-Hkg36's should be really close in stats.
-You can only have a 10% speed reduction from injury, and only effective when under 60 health.
-Weight system modified again.
-Many weapons ROF modified slightly.
-Silenced weapons have no tracer rounds.
-Silenced weapons have less kick than non-silenced.
-Silenced weapons damage and penetration is slightly lower.
-4 new wepaons in game.


February 7th 2002 - StrikeForce WinAmp Skins

Now that SF-Radio is on the air again it would look good with some SF skins for your WinAmp.

See the SF WinAmp Skins here!


February 7th 2002 - SF-Radio is back


The first show with DJ Cerial*Killer went OK but there was a couple of dropouts while reading the interview with the SF lead coder Brad.

SF-Radio program schedule:

DJ Cerial*Killer
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 12am mst / 2am est / 8am cet

DJ Rat
Monday and Thursday at 9pm cet

DJ MadHouse

To listen to SF-Radio add this URL in WinAmp (picture)


February 2nd 2002 - MP5SD

The StrikForce team also got a silenced weapon and its the MP5SD from Heckler & Kock.

See the new MP5SD here! may still have some problems with images not appearing so heres a mirror!


February 2nd 2002 - AK models

If you want to se more screenshots of the new AK models we just uploaded a few new ones, theres also a couple of the new inventory.

See the AK models here!


February 1st 2002 - Heckler & Kock MK23 SOCOM

Another new gun has been added to the StrikeForce arsenal this time its a "Heckler & Kock MK23 SOCOM" pistol.

See the new pistol here! have had some problems with their images not appearing so heres a mirror!



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