Strike Force is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament that will bring the game to a realistic environment,
introducing real weapons, damage and maps as well as a new gaming experience.


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December 30th 2001 - SF1.75 news


There will not be a patch (SF1.71) but a full build (SF1.75) and the size of it including 5 maps will be around 80 Mb.

Maps included in SF1.75 will be:

This might not sound like a lot but later official mappacks will be released and the size of SF1.75 will make it easier for gamers on slower connections to download and try it.


December 30th 2001 - The Party 2001

The Party 2001 is over and after many hours of playing and surfing it was nice to finally get some sleep.

The last set of pictures from TP2001 can be seen here!


December 28th 2001 - The Party 2001

The Party is the largest LAN party in Denmark but this year only 2058 people attended. But with a 50Mbit internet connection sponcered by BoomTown things could be worse.

The first set of pictures from TP2001 can be seen here!


December 27th 2001 - SF1.75 news

Threaders made some inprovements to the inventory screen as seen on the right, this could be what the new inventory screen for SF1.75 could look like.

Theres currently a pool in the SFC Forum about having the characters more specialized. Currently the characters are more or lees the same except for weapon skills.
The changes in charecters could be:
1) All characters have different speeds.
2) Each character is good with one individual weapon.
3) Each character is also good with his weapon class (he is good with all weapons in his class but still has ONE gun he is better than anyone with).
4) Each character has different jump heights.
5) Each character has variations in stamina.
6) Faster characters would be less accurate than the slower characters.

Cast your votes at the: SFC Forum


December 26th 2001 - SF1.71 news


Acording to Opti the new patch will be out sometime in the middle of January and all the bugs will be fixed ASAP. The clipping problems will probably be up to the server admins to leave on or off as it causes really bad ping

Right now the team is starting work on a new engine unfortunately it has not been mentioned which one, only that its already out and both graphics and net code are really good, so now everyone can begin to guess which one that could be.


December 25th 2001 - Excessive Strike Force

Brad made a mutator for SF1.71 that makes every gun shoot rockets insted og bullets

More info at


December 24th 2001 - StrikeForce Case - part 2

Finally I finished my StrikeForce case mod not that this part took long but because I havent had time to do it.

Check out the Case in the Fan Galleri


December 22nd 2001 - Easter Eggs

Heres all the SinglePlayer codes:
(Write them in the console by hitting TAB during play)

MIGHTYMOUSE - You become MightyMouse (strong and tiny).
IKNOWWHOYOUAREANDIKNOWWHEREYOULIVE - 10000 Ammo for primary weapon (also M203).
PREDATORME - 6 grenades are thrown around you (fun with god and/or fly).
INEEDMOREGUNS - Access to inventory anywhere when inv key is pressed.
LIGHTBURNME - Blinds you (like a flashbang).
WEATHERISBETTERUPHERE - Makes you jump really high.
KILLTHECODER - Get a supped up Steyr AUG.
IAMTHEDRUNKONE - Play like a drunk.


December 19th 2001 - SF1.71 Patch


A patch will be released to eliminate the small bugs that has been found in 170.

Bugs that will be fixed are:
The cliping problem with the player models.
The terroist models will no longer glow in dark surroundings.
Also other bugs found before 171 is released.

The patch will also include:
Two new mutators: SFPaintBall og SFGiant (Giant+FatGun+FatBoy)
Maybe a mutator that lets you play alone against all the bots for more the one round
Also if Aga has enough time the "hip thrust" will be included again.


December 18th 2001 - MapVote

KeyMaster is testing a new SFMapVote package that wil make it possible to vote for maps by just downloading a small file.
Another feature of the SFMapvote is that it will be possible to choose game style (TDM, Escape ETC).

See the new SFMapVote!


December 18th 2001 - Easter Eggs

There are several Easter Eggs in the new 170 release like the hidden M4 on "IslandBase".
To make the SinglePlayer game more enjoyable new codes have been added, for example try to writing "MIGHTYMOUSE" in the console (hit TAB during play).
This was the first of eight new easter egg codes for SinglePlayer.


December 18th 2001 - SF1.70 Full Install

StrikeForce 1.70 will also be available in a full build to make it easier to dowload for new players.
Optimizer is currently collecting SF170 screenshots so new players can "see the game" before or while downloading it.
So if you have some cool screenshots go here!

UPDATE! See them here!


December 17th 2001 - SF1.70

StrikeForce 1.70

StrikeForce 1.70 has been released and replaces SF1.65.

All the bugs from 1.65 has been removed.
Eavy Server Brower displays Online servers faster.
New terrorist model skins.
Net code has been tweaked.

Download SF1.70  |  Terrorist model skins


December 15th 2001 - SF1.70 delayed


To get SF170 as perfect as possible it will be delayed a couple of days.
As it wasnt the cliping of characters that was causing the lag on servers this will be fixed.


December 14th 2001 - Correction


StrikeForce 1.70 will be released Saturday evening GMT, NOT saturday morning.

Read more at SFC


December 14th 2001 - SF2.0


Theres stil problems with the size of SF2.0 because the mappers use different texture packs it would be about 340MB and even after trimming it the size would still exceed 200Mb.
The plan is now to make about 13 new commercial high quality maps with new textures and themes. This should bring the full install down to 100-150MB which will allow PC magazines to released StrikeForce on their cover CDs.


December 14th 2001 - SF1.70


Its planned to release StrikeForce 1.70 early saturday morning (GMT).
Theres stil problems with the size of SF2.0 because the mappers use different texture packs its about 340MB and even after trimming it its still over 200Mb.


December 13th 2001 - SF1.66 upgraded to SF1.70

1.66 -> 1.70

In addition to bugfixing and tweaking new maps and new skins have also been added to this update so instead of calling i 166 its now called 170


December 13th 2001 - SF1.66 IR4

1.66 IR4

After testing 166IR4 it looks like all bugs are gone.
Ghostknifing is gone and the smoke have been optimized.


December 12th 2001 - SF1.66 IR4 (quick update)

1.66 IR4

SF166 IR4 has been released and will be tested tonight at 4am (more IR4 news later)


December 10th 2001 - New Terrorist "model skin"

Optimizer just completed the new Terrorist skins that he made based on the choices of the StrikeForce community.

These skins will replace the current 165 skins in the upcoming 166 release which will be released very soon.

Check them out here!


December 9th 2001 - Terrorist "model skin" vote
A layout of the new 166 model skins have been posted!

Go here to vote!


December 9th 2001 - SF1.65 review
ModSquad have tested and reviewed SF165 and gave it 9.5 out of 10 possible.

Read the review at ModSquad


December 9th 2001 - Terrorist "model skin" vote
The appearance of the 165 terrorists has been debated quite a lot,
and now you can vote for which model skin you think should be used in SF166.

Here are the nominees:

Go here to vote!


December 8th 2001 - SF1.66 IR3

1.66 IR3

Sonic has released SF 1.66 IR3 to the betateam!

The good news:
Some bugs have been removed and the WiddowMaker has been tweaked to be more accurate.

The bad news:
It seems that getting rid of ghosknifing is a bigger problem then expected but a possible solution will be to remove the keybinding of the knife.
Even on fast computer the smoke from the smoke grenades cause frame loss.


December 7th 2001 - SF1.66 IR2

1.66 IR2

SF 1.66 IR2 has been released to the betateam and so far no major bugs that would ruin gameplay have been discovered.


December 5th 2001 - SF1.66 IR1

1.66 IR1

SF 1.66 IR1 is being tested right now but unfortunately a few bugs has been found but 1.66 IR2 is underway and the know bugs should be eliminated.


December 3rd 2001 - SF2.0

StrikeForce 2.0

At the moment the plans for SF2.0 is to make new player models and new HUD graphics.
The size of SF2.0 will tried to be kept under 150Mb and will include 2-3 commercial quality maps per gametype.
Talk about updating SF every month or every other month could be a possibility to keep cheating at a minimum.

Source: Optimizer


December 3rd 2001 - SF1.66


Less then a day after the release of SF165 one to many bugs have been discovered and a patch is underway to fix:
Ghost knife problem.
Inventory bug problem.
Chat screen problem.
Smoke grenade fps hit problem.
Floor swimming bug problem.
And any other issues that cause gameplay problems.

Source: Optimizer


December 2nd 2001 - StrikeForce 1.65 patch

StrikeForce 1.65

The long awaited StrikeForce 1.65 has been released.

De most noticeable new features of 165 is: 
New weapons: Widow Maker, Steyr Aug, M203, Desert Eagle and HKG36.
All weapons have been optimized and muzzle flashes and tracer fire have been added.
New sounds and Shellshock effect for grenades and claymores.
And offcourse the new smoke grenades.

Complete list of new features at

StrikeForce 1.65 also includes:
4 TeamDeathMatch maps:

2 DeathMatch maps:

and 1 Escape map:

StrikeForce 1.65 is available at our server or at


December 1st 2001 - SF165RC3a og RC4


RC3a and RC4 is out and are being tested to check the new "anti-cheat code" works and the bugs from RC3 should now have been fixed.

While RC4 is being tested by Recon, DarkWolfNine and Sonic.
Opti, DarkOne, Iknietjij, |\|eo and Threaders are looking for maps that are good enough to be included in the new 165 Mappack.

Opti have been looking at the possibility to get maps from SAS, TO og INF converted and used in StrikeForce and in return the mappers will get publicity in the 14 gaming magazines that are planed to carry SF165.

So to conclude it looks like the release of 165 is very close.



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