StrikeForce er en UnrealTournament MOD som giver et mere realistisk gameplay.

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StrikeForce Case MOD Part 3


 In part 3 I wil paint my monitor black to make it match the case


 I going to use a Dell/Sony 19" Trinitron monitor
Getting it open was not to hard, just had to figure out the clamping system (its hold together with those darn plastic clamps)
 I can use this for my Matrix MOD project ;)
Heres the monitor parts 
The small circuit board
Got to change that orange LED to a nice white one
 Some picture of my L33T painting skills (sure I wish)
And the suddenly I was done painting
Oh yeah I painted the buttons on this monitor silver
like the ones on the case 
just a look at the rear 
 just got to put the darn thing back together
Check out part 4 for the finale result