StrikeForce er en UnrealTournament MOD som giver et mere realistisk gameplay.

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StrikeForce Case MOD Part 2

Its been awhile since I did part 1 but I finally got around to finish it

I got around to installing the red lights in the case some time ago but  to paint it the whole case needs to be dismantled (for the best result :-)

Here the sides, front and top of the case has been removed.

The top and sides have been painted.

But they need to dry for a little while longer.

The front consists of quite a few parts (The reset and power button are not shown).

The front parts drying on top of my furnace.

The top, sides and front are dry enough to handle.

I painted the power and reset button silver.

The front again.

Finished StrikeForce case.

Finished StrikeForce case.

Finished StrikeForce case.


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