Strike Force is a Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament that will bring the game to a realistic environment,
introducing real weapons, damage and maps as well as a new gaming experience.


February 20th 2003 - SFPure 1.81 released

Jovi finished and released SF Pure 1.81 today and it has alot of new features so all server admins should update their servers right away.

- Unique SFPure for every server. Admins use program to generate unique SFPure versions and can regenerate new ones as often they want to.
- Couple of fixes (and new cheat proctection routines of course ;)
- Unaimed aimdot, changes color when aimed. Server side option, can be allowed/disallowed. If allowed, user can activate/deactivate it from voicemenu.
- Scopewobble. Server side option, SF1.75 & SF1.81 Sniperscopewobble modes
- Inventory station modes. Server side option, players can/can't use inventory stations after equipmenttime.
- Admistrative commands to change server settings

Get it ar


February 4th 2003 - StrikeForce 1.81 MAC

The StrikeForce 181 update for MAC has arrieved.

Read more in this thread!


February 2nd 2003 - StrikeForce 1.81

1.81 Changes

- Death Lag should be gone
- SMGs tweaked
- new g36 Scope (authentic, thx to DFM Fraxion and DFM Arbock)
- Dualgun Settings should work now (didnt work ok before)
- Ammocounter can now be disabled serverside (didnt work before)
- Ghostcam also now a full serverside option (had some bugs)
- knife bugs should be gone
- m203 now shoots real nades. (tiny radius)
- scopes slightly enlarged
- claymore rushing shouldnt be possible anymore. (only worked offline before)
- tilted 1st person cam eliminated (I hope).
- players with empty inventory cannot be Tked on 0% FF servers
- nades being rolled are shorter.
- nades are flying a little shorter now



January 12th 2003 - 1.81 IR test

Guru is working on a small update for the current 180 build it will fix some bugs and ad a couple of features, heres what hes working on getting into 181:

Deathlag will be eliminated.
Third person view is being fixed.
The Socom will be back.
Grenades with shorter range will be made available for the M203.
Higher ROF for theSMGs.
Larger view on scoped weapons.



January 4th 2003 - StrikeForce 1.80 MAC

The MAC version of StrikeForce 180 is availeble now so the LiNUX version shouldnt be that far off.

View the download sites here!


January 1st 2003 - StrikeForce 1.80

The day everyone have been waiting for is finally here StrikeForce 1.80 has been released.

The list of changes and fixes is long and can be found at

Download StrikeForce 1.80 at Jolt or one of the mirror sites.


December 31th 2002 - 180 RC3/RC4/final

Yesterday Opti released a forum edition of 180 RC3 to the SF community for testing which had a few bugs so the code have been redone and RC4/final should be right around the corner.

Get the RC3 download links in the Jolt forum
Read about the RC4/final build


December 23rd 2002 - ORM-SF-Mappack #2

The ORM crew have been at it again they just released a new SF ORM Mappack comprises 24 maps for SF, covering all four game modes.

Richard 'Lord Heisher' Black TDM DM ES HR
Arabian Nights     X X
EasternRain X      
Stuart 'StuMan' Fitzsimmons        
MiddleEast   X    
TrainDepot   X    
TwinWH   X    
Silo   X    
GrudgeMatch   X    
Rogelio 'Desperado #2' Olguin        
AOD   X    
SaltAir Day X      
SaltAir Night X      
Midnight Fox X X    
Angelfire X     X
ColdSteel X   X X
Permafrost X      
SunSet X      
AmbassadorsLuck X     X
EagleSpire X      
UrbanSprawl X      
PermaFrost     X  
UrbanCat     X  
Dean 'Goldabar' Tate        
GreySkies X     X
Sanctuary X      
Lethal Concoction X      
Urban Sprawl X      

For a full list of download mirrors, check out


December 23rd 2002 - 180 update

Opti is hoping to release 180 before the start of the new year.

Read the rest at


December 22nd 2002 - Betatesters

Opti is once again looking for beta testers this time to help test the 180 RC1 code.



December 6th 2002 - The Party 2002

Since 1991 The Party has brought together people from all over the world to take part in the extraordinary experience that a computer-party is.

Want to know more about The Party click here!

For residents outside Denmark it's possible to buy tickets online at, which is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. Billetnet accepts Euro/Mastercard and Visa. When ordering online it's important that you choose to:

The Party website  /  Billet Bestilling  /  Table Reservation  /  Map


December 3rd 2002 - 180 Alpha for Mac

1.80 Alpha
Haroun mad a SF180 Alpha version for the Mac. 

The link can be found in this thread.


December 1th 2002 - 180 Alpha

1.80 Alpha
Opti released SF180 Alpha for testing.

Find the link to it here:


November 30th 2002 - 180 Alpha

1.80 Alpha
It looks like SF1.80 Alpha is just about to be released for test later today.

Read more in the Forum


November 21th 2002 - 180 IR15

1.80 IR15
Opti released IR15 to the betatesters with these comments:

- took out several problem maps 
- updated strikeforce.ini 
- updated server.bat files 
- Put in new hit graphics on HUD so you can see what part of your body was injured from bullets 
- gave the ak47 to both teams 
- picking up weapons while change weapon shouldnt be possible anymore. 
- nades reduced. 2Nades, 1flash 1 nade or 2 flashes. 
- talktoall can be enabled Serverside. Like it was in Pure 
(SF.SFPlayerReplicationinfo bTalktoAll and bTalktoAll2 settings in SF.ini) 
- camera view adjusted 
- shotguns adjusted to kill better 
- network settings are no longer forgot when restarting 
- 2 shots to the head with any gun kills (snipers still kill with one shot) 
- gun animations fixed when switching, had wrong name listed 
- Fixed AK47 and M203 to not fire off center 
- AK47 Sil adjusted to be more centered 

Still working on...... 
- Fixing MP5 silenced in 3rd person 
- Making menu pop up at start without pushing "esc" key 
- Ingame character changing 
- Various other small tweaks 

Read more in the Forum


November 17th 2002 - 180 IR14

1.80 IR14
Guru finished another IR and the biggest changes this time is:

Headshot delievers more damage the before.
Server side option for ammo counter (will match the rest of the HUD when done).
A little faster gameplay.
Pistols now have higher ROF.
Sniper wobble has been decreased (along with new scope graphics).
The new AK models have been reimportet.
And the new updated OpenGL from Epic is included with the release.

Read more and check out some screens from IR14 in the forum


November 16th 2002 - 180 SF Pure

Opti got the source code for SFPure so it will be released with SF 1.80.

Read more in the forum: Forum


November 16th 2002 - Weapon textures

Opti is looking for someone to redo the weapon textures for 1.80.
Read about it here: Forum



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